Monday, December 15, 2008

OCD on BOTH sides!

So our kids are doomed. Damien and I have both exhibited OCD behavior on numerous occasions and although neither of us have a severe case, nor have we ever been diagnosed, we are certain our children will inherit the perfectionism that plagues us both! I mention this because it just dawned on me that Damien and I are both acting within our OCD separately and simultaneously this evening....Damien is wrapping presents hidden away behind our bedroom door and I'm editing our Christmas newsletter. Sounds relatively harmless or even boring to some but what you don't know is that our new wrapping paper has grid lines and Damien, being the perfectionistic cabinet maker he is, has entered an entirely new dimension of perfectly wrapping gifts! Meanwhile, I'm at the computer doing what I think I do best...editing and tearing apart written work...even my own. The quest for the very word that describes the thought most perfectly is a cross I carry and love more than you'd think! Our children are be continued...

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