Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hoodie Addiction

I have a problem. Everytime I go somewhere I find a hoodie that I just LOVE and have to have.  I love most all hoodies so as you can imagine, I have a number of them even though I don't travel as much as I used to. A few years ago the addiction was so bad that I had to force myself to buy a hoodie in a non-hoodie color. What is that? Well, I realized that my hoodie collection was all grey. So I branched out to Navy Blue and after a few years of that I ventured into red and pink.

Today, our little family went up to the outlet mall after hearing about all the great sales they were having. Of course, I fell in love with a hoodie. The best part was the price...a $40 hoodie for $15!!!! I found myself bargaining with my husband in order to get it! I actually OFFERED to get rid of my entire hoodie collection...just the zippered hoodies because that's what this one was...and those are VERY different from regular hooded sweatshirts or sweatshirts in general (sans the hood). I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth! Before we made it to the checkout, my husband said that I simply needed to downsize by half. That sounded much better and with that agreement, I could and would commit.

Of course we got home and the second thoughts began. I had forgotten about some of my beloved hoodies and had forgotten how attached I was. My husband came to my aid ever so gently. We brought my collection out to the living room and we began sorting. This was when I really saw how ridiculous my addiction is. One was from spring break my junior year in college, one Damien got me for Christmas, one I just got last month in Key West (it made it to the keeper pile), another was "stolen" fair and square from a very good friend nearly 12 years ago, another was maternity, another was a vibrant orange & was on super-duper sale, etc, etc. There were 8 hoodies in all. I had decided to keep the new one, the Key West one, the maternity one (duh) and just one I write I can't even remember which one made the cut! Obviously it was important enough to make it.

Now, once again, hoodies are different from hooded sweatshirts. I had 8 hoodies cut down to 4...might as well bring out all the sweatshirts...which totaled TWELVE which means when added to the hoodies I had a collection of TWENTY-TWO sweatshirts(only 5 of which were NOT blue or grey) and I live in South Florida!!! I was able to cut that number in 1/2 as well. I now have only 5 hooded sweatshirts: a few from my alma mater, one from our honeymoon in Maine, one from grad school and of course one for Notre Dame football season :D What insanity, huh?!? I had no idea but my closet is a bit bigger now and I feel a little lighter. I'm sure the addiction will continue to some degree but my new awareness of it should help to hinder it's growth. I suppose most women have this problem with shoes - a pair of shoes for each mood and each outfit. I've never been able to relate to that. But hoodies...hoodies are my kryptonite.