Monday, December 8, 2008

Daddy's Are Different Than Mommies

This past Saturday we were out running errands. We popped into Target for a quick shoe purchase. We get to the shoe department when I realize that Damien didn't put Addy in a shopping cart...I was a bit concerned about this but figured that I'm on a shoe mission and he's on Daddy-duty. And boy was he. The second he set her down on the mind you...she immediately ran to the shoe racks and tearing shoes out of the boxes as if to say "JACKPOT"!!!!!!!!! I found it hillarious as Damien scrambled to keep up with our shoe-loving toddler! Within minutes, I turned around and there was my little baby walking down the main isle with a pair of high heels on that even I couldn't keep my balance in! Women all over the surrounding departments were cracking up, ohhhing and ahhhing all over the place. Priceless.

Moral of the story: this would've never happened had it just been Mommy with Addy; we wouldn't have this memory or the laugh and random strangers lives would be a little darker. God bless daddies!

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