Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Ties

It's always hard to imagine that your baby has turned one. They've entered into "the numbers" and are no longer "a month". Well, my youngest little cousin turned one today. Sweet, little Kylie Jaymes entered the world as a teeny, tiny little wee one and is now into everything. Happy Birthday Kylie!

Kylie's birth renewed the date of June 10th for our family. Three years ago (2007), my grandfather passed away rather suddenly. Anniversaries like that don't fade very easily. Every May most of my family members begin feeling the squirreliness and by June, we've figured it out. For me, I'm usually pregnant or post-partum so forgetaboutit. This year was different for me. And I have my smallest little cousin to thank. Today was her birthday and it was not a sad day. For that I am very grateful. Love and hugs to you little Kylie Jaymes. XOXOXOXO

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